How to sell more products and services with animation

Kirk Theriot - 2019

2D and 3D animation have been mainstream for many decades — the entertainment industry has relied upon this medium to tell many legendary stories. Everyone has seen an animated movie, right?

Today, businesses big and small are also capitalizing on the benefits of 2D and 3D animation to captivate their target audiences. The greatest advantage of animation is the ability to keep audiences engaged through comprehensive and clear visual storytelling, even when the subject matter may be technical rather than entertaining. Bring intricate products to life with animation. Train students with animated scenarios that would otherwise be too dangerous to replicate any other way. Effectively demonstrate the benefits of products and services with dynamic marketing messages.

Looking to produce content that moves people to act? Consider the following:

Product or Service Launch

3D animation is, without a doubt, the most effective tool to visualize the features and benefits of a new or existing product or service. There is no substitute for a realistic portrayal in high resolution. With 3D modeling, you get digital replicas of real products. The 3D-rendered images can be used to create content displaying products from different angles and perspectives. 3D models are completely digital, making it possible to implement literally any imaginable change. Modular versions of 3D-animated products empower clients to gain a full and complete understanding of the functionality and quality of the product. 3D animations work to sell and market products and services because customers get it.

Advertising and Marketing

Make an impact with animated videos and videos with motion graphics. Animated content can increase the effectiveness of many types of marketing and sales activities such as website content, trade show displays, social media engagement, and all types of presentations and programs. Animated content can help increase web traffic and help potential customers find your products and services. Displaying technical 3D animations on your website, Vimeo, or YouTube channels will increase SEO organic searches, increase social media activity, and raise brand awareness.

Training and Education

The field of training styles and methods has captured the attention of all types of industries. It is literally a lifeline for many industrial companies focused on safety. Safety training that incorporates 3D animations can tackle sensitive subject matter that cannot be filmed like confined space, fall protection, and chemical reactions on the job. Technical animations can be used in training modules to help explain complicated topics and make education more interesting and easy to understand. Education materials that incorporate animations help decode technical topics and bring life to dull or dry material with more engaging visual content without losing the details.