Don't leave digital to the intern

Francelle Theriot - 2017

Why should you be interested in digital marketing?

According to, one in every 5 people in the world own a smartphone and one in every 17 own a tablet. With more than 3 billion people online, consumers are tuned in to various channels. Targeting consumers where they spend time is the most effective marketing strategy to reach your audience and ultimately, your business goals. But with all of the options out there, it’s difficult to know how your company can benefit.

Do you need help reviewing your marketplace opportunity and structuring your strategy?

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Leverage Your Brand's Social Power

Francelle Theriot - 2017

What’s the Role of Social Media in Business?

It’s easy to see how social media has touched our personal lives, but social media has fundamentally altered the business landscape as well. Social media is really the practice of building better customer relationships where both the buyer and seller have an interest in providing a more satisfying exchange. 

When marketing BtoC and BtoB, relationship marketing recognizes the long term value of positive customer relations. Maintaining relationships through extended communications, various social touch points and value added services reinforces customer satisfaction and builds customer retention. 

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