Defining the Communications, Sales and Marketing Strategy

The 2121 approach is holistic and comprehensive. Identifying our client’s unique personality, values and goals usually comes quickly. Then we like to get top stakeholders involved and excited before jumping in to production. Our clients enjoy the fact that we are very good listeners and creative problem solvers. At 2121 we're at our best when you are.

Unifying the processes of marketing, design and advertising so the entire team is focused in one forward momentum takes a sensitive touch. So often, a small but experienced marketing consultancy like 2121 Design can pinpoint the pain without the blame!

  • Phase I: Discover
  • Phase II : Define
  • Phase III: Design
  • Phase IV: Deliver

Phase I: Discover

At the beginning of a relationship our job is to listen. Evaluating current practices and assessing client needs is a crucial first step to the success of each project. To jump start this process, 2121 offers a free “Getting Started” questionnaire. Each stakeholder on the management team is asked to complete a series of questions. The questionnaire is followed by a Q&A session to clarify specifics and bring the team together. This valuable process provides a launching point for recommendations on how we can communicate your needs most effectively.

Phase II : Define

Here is where we roll up our sleeves and form a written plan; defining goals and objectives and developing a strategic communications strategy that will work for your organization in the quickest, most effective way. We take an in-depth look at your brand, your strengths and your weaknesses. In this phase we conclude where your organization is today and what steps need to be taken to move forward. Armed with credible data and a focused marketing strategy, 2121 can define what type of marketing materials are needed and develop a budget and schedule for executing an accountable plan.

Phase III: Design

Many people consider this the fun part of our business, creating custom marketing materials that will set your organization apart from your competitors. Developing or refining your visual brand, your message platform, how your clients and customers prefer to receive your message is all part of communication design. This phase of the process creates the magic. It is where 2121’s expertise in the art of communicating will bring a combination of creativity and science to work for your business.

Phase IV: Deliver

One thing resonates with all business people, results. 2121 stands accountable for our recommendations and our work. We monitor the progress of all projects and adjust strategies where necessary to maintain alignment with the marketing strategy. The programs we design have measurable touch points so that we can monitor success, build on it and constantly increase your ROI.